Property Solutions

Yarlington Property Solutions

Yarlington Property Solutions provide a professional repairs and maintenance service across our 10,000 plus properties. From electricians to surveyors, painters to plumbers and planners, we have a huge skill base within the team which enables us to provide high quality workmanship and deliver an excellent service to our customers.

We also work with partners and stakeholders to deliver planned maintenance works and specialised repairs to our properties such as new kitchens, heating upgrades or roofing.

Working innovatively

We receive 30,000 repair jobs each year. So, we’re always looking for new ways of working to help us respond efficiently and effectively.

We invest in our team members. We make sure they have all the skills they need to carry out repairs across lots of disciplines. From plastering and plumbing, to brickwork and carpentry.

This helps us get things done quicker, lowers costs, and provides a better overall service for our customers.

Plus, our specialised decorating and electrical teams now carry out responsive repairs and voids work on all our properties.

Our customers

Our team carries out five responsive repairs each day. And works on roughly 700 empty homes each year, to get them ready for new residents. Which makes for lots of happy customers. Customer satisfaction with our repairs and maintenance service was 86% last financial year.

Coming soon

It’s an exciting time. We’re currently exploring opportunities to expand our horizons and offer our services to the private and commercial sectors. And work with new and existing customers who value our expertise. Funds generated in this way will be reinvested into more new homes to help solve the housing crisis.