Frequently Asked Questions

Our schemes enable you to live independently behind your own front door. While there are some shared facilities, you’ll be in your own home, with your own belongings, and have total control over all aspects of your life. You choose the support you need, and whether or not you want to join in with activities. Then, just enjoy your home and your independence.
To be eligible for extra care you must: ● require some level of support, or be an older person, ● live in, or have a connection to, the area where the scheme you want to join is based, ● be able to live safely on your own with some identified support, eg difficulty getting up and down stairs, or maintaining your garden. Or, have a mental or physical disability.
If you live outside the area you want to move to, and are in receipt of care funded by your local authority, you’ll need to inform them of your proposed move so your funding can continue. If you don’t have a care package and believe you need one, you’ll be assessed by Adult Social Care who’ll decide on the level of care you should receive, and how this might be funded. Contact Adult Social Care to arrange an assessment.
Our support is flexible. It can be adapted to meet your evolving needs.
Being married, or part of a couple, does not affect either party's right to receive support. You can still live together while one or both of you get the care you need.
Your payments go towards your apartment, and service, support and alarm charges. All other services, like hot meals and Help@Home, are opt in. We’ll give you a full list of costs when we offer you a property.
In most cases, the service charge pays for the management of the building. This includes staff costs, communal electricity, lighting, water, heating, sewerage, communal repairs and cleaning, lift servicing, annual building maintenance, door entry systems, CCTV, communal TVs and wifi, estate and management fees, garden maintenance, window cleaning, and fire and smoke alarms. Not all services are available on every scheme.
This varies between scheme types. But it could include staff presence, daily welfare contact, weekly checks, health, wellbeing, and social activities.
If you’re on a low income, you may be eligible for housing benefit and council tax support. Our financial responsibility team can help you claim all your entitlements.
This varies depending on the type of scheme you live in: ● Connected living: Pull cords are placed throughout the building, and in your home, so you can call someone in the event of emergency. ● Assisted living: Pull cords are placed throughout the building, and in your home, so you can call someone in the event of emergency. And you’ll receive weekly visits for a chat. ● Extra care: Pull cords are placed throughout the building, and in your home, so you can call someone in the event of emergency. Staff are onsite and available.
Yes. All apartments are self-contained with the privacy and freedom of your own front door.
Various activities take place throughout the week at our community hubs, giving you plenty of opportunity to socialise with others. We also encourage residents to set up their own committee to develop activities and inspire other residents and friends to join in. All schemes include at least one communal area in the form of a lounge or dining room. Some of our schemes also have an IT suite, library, or communal gardens.
Additional facilities vary between schemes. But there could be a laundry room, or assisted bathroom with hoists.
Yes, family members are welcome any time. And for some (though not all) schemes, we offer overnight accommodation in a guest suite.
A hot, two-course meal service is available to buy every weekday. This can be enjoyed in the communal dining room, where we aim to create a positive dining experience with your friends and neighbours. See our additional services page for more info.
The designs of our homes are varied. But generally, all properties have an open-plan kitchen and living room. One-bed properties consist of a double bedroom. Two-beds have one double and one single. Some properties include a wet room with a level-access shower.
While we take your preferences into account, and do our best to accommodate them, we can’t guarantee a particular apartment, or floor level.
Secure entry systems make sure only authorised people can enter the buildings. Flats on our extra care schemes are fitted with a buzzer.
That depends on the scheme. We’ll let you know when we offer you a property.
Most of our schemes have parking spaces available on a first come, first served basis.