Accommodation options

Accommodation options

We offer two types of independent living accommodation, each with different levels of support:

Assisted living
An intermediate level of support. We provide a weekly welfare contact service (either by phone call or SMS), a responsive alarm for emergencies, a tenancy support team to help, and access to activities in our communal hubs.

Extra care
Our highest level of support. Our highly-trained team provide a personalised, assessment-based package, and are available 24/7. Customers can also access activities in communal hubs, a meal service, responsive alarm for emergencies, and tenancy support services.

Hubs at the heart

Our 50 independent living schemes are split into hub groups, based on their location. Each hub consists of six or seven schemes, including an extra care scheme and assisted and connected living schemes.

The communal lounges at our extra care schemes sit at the heart of each hub. This is where customers from our schemes come together to enjoy activities, support and companionship; in turn helping to combat social isolation and nurture friendships. You don’t have be in an independent living scheme to access our hubs. Any of our customers, or people from the wider community, can access or purchase these services too.

With two different types of accommodation you can choose the option that suits you. To find out more click here.

Additional services

With each of the accommodation options you can access, or purchase, a range of additional services to support independence.

These include our personal alarm service, help with shopping or cleaning, a hot meal in a communal dining room, or use of a guest room for your visitors. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to help.

All services are delivered through, or in partnership with, us. And are available to both our customers and the wider community. Find out more here.