Our performance

Our performance

We're always reviewing our performance across all areas of our business. And we have specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that help us monitor activities that are important to our customers and the business. Our management teams monitor these monthly. And our board reviews them each quarter.

KPIs help us to see what we’re doing well, and where we can improve. They keep us on track to meet our objectives, so we can give our customers the best possible service.

We set annual targets. And challenge ourselves to improve each year by comparing ourselves to the best in the sector. Click on the below to find out how we performed in the financial year 2017/18.

Our KPI Performance

Group financial statements and Annual Report FY2017/18

To view our Financial Statements from previous years please visit the information for investors page.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is important to us. It helps us see what’s going well, and how we can do better. And allows us to keep improving our services and homes for the benefit of our customers.

The STAR (survey of tenants and residents) is one of the main ways we do this. We received nearly 900 completed surveys last financial year (2017-18). Click the below to see the results and find out how we did.

See Star Survey

There are some areas where we can improve. And we will contact customers to discuss their comments to better understand how we can do this. But, overall customer satisfaction was 88.2%, exceeding our target of 80%. This financial year we’ve set ourselves a stretching target of 90% for customer satisfaction.

The STAR results are also published on My Yarlington, and in our newsletter News and Views. To view them head here.

To find out more about how we engage with customers visit our customer engagement page.

Value for Money

Value for Money (VFM) is part of our culture - something we always try to achieve across all our work.

View our FY2017/18 VFM report.

View our 2016/17 VFM report.

Supporting the local economy

We're committed to transparency in our business transactions and aware of our responsibilities to the local economy. The following gives a breakdown of how often we comply with Crown Commercial Services, by paying our suppliers within the required 30-days.

  • FY2018/19: Annual average = 92.95%
  • Quarter 1 = 96.43%
  • Quarter 2 = 94.95%
  • Quarter 3 = 90.83%
  • Quarter 4 = 89.57%


  • FY2017/18: Annual Average = 97.19%
  • FY2016/17: Annual Average = 96.09%
  • FY2015/16: Annual Average = 93.80%