Our governance

Our governance

Strong governance is at the heart of what we do. Because the right structures and processes allow us to flourish as an organisation.

Four pillars are fundamental to this and allow us to drive our strategic objectives forward.

  1. transparency
  2. accountability
  3. responsibility
  4. fairness

We are a shareholding, not-for-profit organisation and does not distribute dividends. All profits are instead re-invested back into the business to maintain the homes we own. Or build new ones.

Governance structure

Our structure consists of a parent board, subsidiary companies, and committees. The subsidiary boards are owned by Yarlington Housing Group and the parent board maintains overall control of the decisions made by the subsidiary companies.

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Complying with regulation

Regulatory judgements

The Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) awarded us it's highest ratings for regulatory compliance.

  • Governance - G1. The provider meets the requirements on governance set out in the Governance and Financial Viability Standard.
  • Viability - V1. The provider meets the requirements on viability set out in the Governance and Financial Viability Standard, and has the capacity to mitigate its exposures effectively.

Regulatory compliance statement

We received an in-depth assessment from the HCA in September 2016, which confirmed that we're in full compliance with the Governance and Viability Standards.

Following the Annual Stability Review in October 2017 we had confirmation that we had retained our G1/V1 rating.

An annual self-assessment is carried out against all requirements of the framework. The exercise was last reported to the board in May 2018 and confirmed full compliance. Therefore, we can confirm that the statement of compliance can be made in the 2017/18 financial statements.

Code of governance

In accordance with good governance principles, we have adopted the UK Corporate Code of Governance. We regularly review our compliance against the code, and any deviations from the Code of Governance are explained in our financial statements.

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