Report Anti-Social Behaviour

At Yarlington Housing Group, we are committed to working within communities to create safe and attractive environments for people to live in. A number of agencies work together to tackle the problems caused by inconsiderate or disorderly behaviour. There is legislation available to tackle a wide variety of problems but all action taken must be based on evidence. 

Much of the evidence required to address anti-social behaviour can only be provided by the members of the community who are experiencing the problems. It is not always possible to take action but by completing this form you are beginning a process which will allow an informed assessment of the problem and the best course of further action.

Please use this form to record a specific incident of nuisance or annoyance caused by neighbouring Yarlington Housing Group tenants, their family members or friends that have DIRECTLY affected you

By sending us this form, you are declaring that the information contained in it is a true and accurate description of what you saw. 

Why keep a record of incidents?

It is important that an accurate record of the incident is kept so that the officer dealing with your case will be able to see how often the incidents are occurring and how you are affected. This will help with any investigations and for the taking of statements. If at any time a decision is made to take legal action against the person who is causing the nuisance the quality of evidence is vital for a successful prosecution. 

This log is your property and will be treated as confidential information. It will only be used as formal evidence for legal proceedings if you give your permission for this information to be used.

Guidance for completing report forms

  • Entries are to be made as soon as possible after each incident.
  • Try to identify people involved on each occasion. If you don’t know the full name of the people but you know their nickname, or they have any identifying characteristics (clothing, hairstyle etc) or you have any other way of identifying them, please put this down.
  • Use the extra space at the end if you need more space.
  • If an incident is witnessed by more than one person they should complete their own entry.
  • It is important that you record only those things which you have seen or heard rather than opinions.
  • Enter the day, date and time that the incident happened. Please use am or pm after times or use the 24 hour clock. Also remember to record the year, e.g. 01.02.09 10.00am until 10.30am.
  • Use the log to record when and who you called to report an incident.
  • If you receive verbal abuse or threats, please use the exact words that were said. Keep any written evidence of threats/letters you receive or any other items that have been sent to you relating to an incident.
  • It is a good idea to collect other evidence to back up the log. Photographs can help in some cases – if there is graffiti, damage to cars or walls.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

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