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Yarlington Neighbourhood Iamge

What is the aim of a Neighbourhood Visit?                            

The aim of a Neighbourhood Visit is for residents and officers of Yarlington Housing Group to work together to improve the area where you live. Officers and residents will walk the estate together and identify any issues that affect the appearance of the estate such as:

  • Untidy gardens
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Litter
  • Vandalism

Suggestions can also be made by you on how to improve your area (for example security lighting, car parking or gating)

Who is involved?

The Neighbourhood Visits are attended by the local Neighbourhood Officers, local residents and other interested parties such as local Councillors, South Somerset District Council, the Police and Police Community Support Officers
We encourage you to come along to the visits in your area, as you will be more aware of any issues affecting your neighbourhood which will also help us to keep you informed on what actions are being taken.

Why should you get involved?

As residents who live in the neighbourhood we manage, it is easier for you to identify the areas that require improvement. Being involved in the visits, you will also be able to see the improvements/changes taking place.
The visits will give you the opportunity to have your opinion and your ideas heard in order to make your neighbourhood a better place to live.
You will also have the opportunity to get involved in community and neighbourhood initiatives and will be encouraged to get involved in Yarlington.

How will we feedback?

As a result of our visits, we will provide and identify a list of actions and form an action plan.  All residents who attend the visits will be sent a copy of a plan of what we intend to do.   A copy of this will also be sent to the local Tenants & Residents Groups in your area and will also be available at our offices.

When do the Estate Visits take place?

A regular programme of the Neighbourhood Visits for your area will be advertised in our offices, on your estate and in the local press.

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